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Experiments are currently underway to establish which portions of the sound are the ones which alleviate the symptoms of telomeric shortening. As part of this, Nothing Machine Therapy Recordings (NMTR) have been created using noises captured from the Nothing Machine and arranged for maximum effect. These Therapy Recordings allow the Technicians to spend periods time away from the Nothing Machine without a return of symptoms.

To fund further research increasing the effectiveness of the recordings and to reduce the financial plight of the Technicians, they have decided to set up a fund to enable public donations and, as a reward for donation, make these recordings available to the public.


Nothing Machine Therapy Recording v2

CDRs of NMTR v2 can be purchased direct

Price Including Postage
Price Including Postage

NMTR v2 also can be downloaded
for a donation of £4 from

The Nothing Machine on Bandcamp

Nothing Machine Therapy Recording v1

CDRs of NMTR v1 can now be purchased for a donation of £6 (inc worldwide P+P)

Price Including Postage
Price Including Postage

NMTR v1 also can be downloaded
for a donation of £4 from

The Nothing Machine on Bandcamp

A brief history of the Nothing Machine

The Nothing Machine

On an anonymous Industrial Estate on the outskirts of London lies a secure warehouse which houses the remnants of the now defunct British Z+ Pinch Inertial Fusion Energy program. The £96m Z+ Machine inside was built in 2008/09 to advance knowledge and research the possibility of viable Nuclear Fusion Reactors and is a modified copy of the Z Machine housed at the Scandia National Labs (Albuquerque, New Mexico). The Z+ Machine was designed to search for an efficient method to ignite a nuclear fusion reaction using larger amounts than previously possible of compressed DT Gas (Deuteruim/Tritium). This was to be achieved by using the wonder material Starlite as a shielding agent to allow the higher temperatures and pressures needed for accommodating a larger fusion container (or Hohlram) than was possible before.


However, during the initial six months of operation various strange anecdotal phenomena were encountered by the technicians, time-drift, visual and audio hallucinations and unexplained temperature variations where noticed and the technicians began to suffer severe nausea when away from the machine. When a potentially dangerous incidence of time-drift was scientifically recorded, all experimentation was ceased and a year long investigation was launched on behalf of Research Councils UK (RCUK). The resulting investigation showed that as a result of the experimentation, the Reality Density (RD) in up to a three mile radius of the Z+ Machine had been significantly reduced.
As these potentially dangerous side-effects continued to be experienced long after the experiments were curtailed, it was decided to permanently reconfigure the Z+ Machine to act as a containment field to effectively collect the missing space back into a central area, thus re-establishing the density of the surrounding Reality. The Nothing Containment Field (NCF) generator was created to effectively draw in all the Reality ‘slackness’ creating a condensed ‘Nothing Zone’ (NZ) by the tight focussing of electromagnetic waves. Frequencies in the visible, ultra violet, infra red and audio spectrum are continually bent in and around the NZ giving the impression of a mirrored liquid sphere. If the NCF reduces it’s intensity below 94% of full NCF capacity then containment will be lost again and the Nothing with spread out once more causing the dangerous side effects to reoccur. For this reason the NCF has to be permanently maintained.

In 2013, when some worrying data emerged from experimentation at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN near Geneva, the Technicians were contacted as the readings echoed some of the anomalies seen in the data just before the disastrous Z+ Pinch Inertial Energy event in 2011. As a result, the Nothing Machine Technicians were asked to consult with the LHC Safety Assessment Group (LSAG) in Geneva to look at ways to avoid a similar catastrophe befalling their machine and put steps in place to contain it if the worst happened.

On arrival in Geneva, the Technicians found the same anecdotal stories of time-drift and audio hallucinations which were dismissed during the Z+ Pinch Inertial Energy Research. They immediately put an emergency plan into action, averting a larger scale disaster by setting up a dispersing version of the Nothing Containment Field (NCF) at the very centre of the 27km Collider ring to prevent the reality density peaking up to the catastrophic failure witnessed in their own experiment.

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